Although much of Trevor and Simon’s work for the programmes took the form of one-off sketches, it is their repertoire of regular characters for which they are best remembered. These included The Singing Corner, a 1960s-style folk duo whose catchphrase was “swing your pants!”; Ken and Eddie Kennedy, the Barbers whose insanitary salon would usually be visited by the programme’s star guest each week; World of the Strange, two cloaked characters who believed that everything – even the most banal, everyday occurrences – was due to mysterious supernatural forces; and the Sister Brothers, market traders of questionable character who would introduce a competition each week.

Trevor and Simon returned for the final series of Going Live in 1992–1993, and continued when it was replaced by Live And Kicking, in the 1993–1994 season. Memorable skits included Sofa For Two With Three in which Trevor and Simon would sit at the two ends of a two-seater settee, with a celebrity guest in the middle. The sofa had been specially weakened in the middle so that the guest would sink into it, and finding themselves unable to get up would have no choice but to sit there while Trevor and Simon made fun of them. For their final series with Live & Kicking (1996–1997), Trevor and Simon’s sketches were separated from the main show in a special show-within-a-show, Transmission Impossible, which was also repeated separately later in the week. This section introduced the “Art For’em” sketch featuring pretentious artists-cum-critics Dominic Bel Geddes and Daniel Cakebread, and concluding each week with the memorable catchphrase “let’s roll on the floor!”. Other memorable sketches were the X-Files-inspired Eggs Files, featuring Lincoln Eggs And His Close Friend, Pickling Time with Pickling Jeff (And Jobe’s Here As Well!), and one set in The Draper Brothers’ dry cleaning shop with the catchphrase “we don’t do duvets!”.