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Step 1 of 2 - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can we buy tickets on the door?
    A: Yes, we will probably have some on the door but they are £10 instead of £7.50 online and limited in number so you may be disappointed if lots of people are before you in the queue.
    Q: Where else can I get tickets?
    A: Visit or visit the Visit Peterborough office in the City Centre or Niche Comic in Huntingdon.
    Q: My child is 2, do they need a ticket?
    A: Yes, anyone aged 2 years or over has to have a ticket. Kids under 2 come in for free!
    Q: I'm not disabled, can I still come to Feel the Force Day?
    A: Yes, definitely! We welcome everyone. We are an event that's totally inclusive and so if you're ok with us and our target audience, we're OK with you!
    Q: Does my carer need to pay?
    A: No, your carer comes in for free as long as they are actively caring for you. Parents only count as carers if the child has a disability.
    Q: Do I need to prove my disability?
    A: No, we hate that rubbish. If you say you're disabled, we believe you!
    Q: How much are signatures?
    A: Signature prices are set by the guest themselves, we don't know until the day but they are not normally more than £15-£25
    Q: Is there a changing place?
    A: Yes, there is a hoisted adult sized changing place provided by Mobiloo.
    Q: Is the venue accessible?
    A: Yes, the whole place is accessible.
    Q: Can I get food on the day?
    A: Yes, we have food vendors and they will liquidise food for you if you need them to, but if you have a very specific diet, no one will argue about a packed lunch.
    Q: Is there a cash machine at the venue?
    A: Yes and our own stands all have card payment machines as do SOME of the independent traders there.
    Q: I'm part of a large group, will I need to queue to get in?
    A: Yes, everybody gets in at the same speed except VIPs. Arrive early, front of the queue, arrive late, be at the back.
    Q: Can I wear a costume?
    A: Yes you fact we actively encourage it...well JJ does.
    Q: Do you have any stands left?
    A: We have only a few stands left (while I'm writing this) they may have all sold by now. You need to register a Stall Holder account at and then go and buy one once you're logged in.