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Feel the Force Day events are truly unconventional conventions. They are film and TV conventions designed for disabled people.

We found over many years that film, TV and comic conventions are just not able to allow full access to the subject they promote, so we decided to do something about it.

As people who work with, live with, are friends with and are disabled people, we have a strong understanding of what makes for good access and we wanted to bring that to people in a fun way.

We understand that access is about more than just a ramp and a disabled loo. It’s about contact, smell, texture, understanding. Subtle and nuanced things that make life easier for you no matter your need or impairment…even the difficulty in proving you’re actually disabled in the first place can be a challenge…it’s blindingly obvious.

Not at Feel the Force Day! Our events consider all these little things and try to do something about it. From an honesty based carer policy, to low cost tickets to unrestricted access. Our conventions are designed to make everything as accessible as possible…but we know we don’t know everything. If you think we could make things easier, we are always happy to listen.

Feel the Force Day XL (Peterborough 2019) Press Release

To download the Feel the Force Day XL (Peterborough 2019) Press Release, please click here.

Feel the Force Day XL Poster

To download the Feel the Force Day XL (Peterborough 2019) Poster, please click here.

Attend as Media

If you wish to attend as media, please register as a media organisation and make an application.


Please apply to join our facebook “Photobomb” groups to access copyright-free photos of the events.

Feel the Force Day 3 Photos (Peterborough 2015)

Feel the Force Day 4 Photos (Peterborough 2016)

Feel the Force Day West Mids Photos (2017)

Feel the Force Day 5 Photos (Peterborough 2017)

The Incredible Feel the Force Day Photos (Peterborough 2018)