His voice is heard around the world in Cartoons, Games, Commercials, Theme Parks, TV Shows and Films.

Marc Silk worked with George Lucas in Star Wars – Episode I, as the voice of Aks Moe.

He’s the voice of Johnny Bravo, Scooby-Doo & Shaggy for Cartoon Network UK.

Marc plays over 30 character voices in the new Danger Mouse TV show.

In the action packed show Go Jetters – he’s the voice of Grandmaster Glitch.

He features in many hit animated TV shows, including:

Fifi & The Flowertots, Roary The Racing Car and Emmy nominated Strange Hill High.

Marc is the narrator in Pingu, In The Night Garden, and in America: the voice of Bob The Builder.

His voice also features in the Oscar winning short film “This Way Up”

Marc’s work in games include BAFTA award winning Black and White, Overlord, Scene It!, F1 Race Stars, Buzz master quiz, and Chicken Run.