Following a spate of terrorist attacks in the UK using knives, the 1st Sensory Legion have reluctantly decided to introduce the following policy in relation to the use of costume weapons at Feel the Force Day events.

The intention of this policy is to reduce the risk to the public and event visitors by removing all unchecked costume weapons from visitors whilst enabling weapons to remain a part of the event.

We define weapons in the context of this policy as any projectile or bladed item whether real or replica. This includes toy guns painted to look like guns. We do not include light sabres or unchanged and obvious toy guns.

We understand that weapons form a crucial part of many costumes and we believe they should not be removed from Feel the Force Day events in their entirety, but we also recognise the need to protect people from those wishing to harm others.

To this end we have decided to ban weapons from all visitors and costumers attending Feel the Force Day events except if the following circumstances have ALL been met:

  1. The costumer is registered via the Feel the Force Day Costumer Registry
  2. The costumer has uploaded an image of their weapon to their Costumer Registry Profile
  3. The costumer has had their weapon checked by an approved representative of 1st Sensory Legion in advance of the event.


  • The weapons are part of a pre-arranged display and has been sanctioned by an approved 1st Sensory Legion representative.

Any person arriving at a Feel the Force Day event with a weapon, without satisfying the above conditions will be asked to leave their weapon in a secured weapon storage facility or remove it from the event.