This policy is intended to offer guidance only to costumer characters and visitors attending Feel the Force Day events. It should be noted that we are not able to enforce this policy and visitors should bare that in mind when attending the events. No liability can be accepted by 1st Sensory Legion should you meet a character you or a member of your party finds inappropriate.

We understand that some costume characters attending Feel the Force Day events may come from films which are rated above a 12A certification by the British Board of Film Certification (BBFC).

It is opinion of 1st Sensory Legion that Feel the Force Day is an all ages film and TV event. With this is mind we have devised these policies to provide guidance to guests and costumers as to the types of characters that we believe are acceptable to attend Feel the Force Day events.

After researching the BBFC’s guidelines on film certification, we have devised this policy based on the following categories.

Context, Theme, Tone and Impact, Language, Drugs, Imitable Behaviour, Discrimination, Nudity and Sex.

Where characters fall into films certified as 15, 18 or R18 the character film should be considered by the costume character to ascertain the reason for the film’s classification and make a responsible judgement as to whether they feel it contravenes the following guidance.

Should the costume character feel unsure, please contact us so we may assist you in your judgement.

Ultimate responsibility for this falls with the costumer character and visitor.

Guidance 1:

Where the certification is due to categories not relating to the appearance of the character, that character would be an acceptable character to attend Feel the Force Day.


Attack the Block:

This film is certified a 15 based on its reference drugs, use of strong language, violence and gore. When bringing characters from this film to Feel the Force Day, violence and gore, drug use and strong language would not be present and therefore, any characters from this film would be acceptable as costumes at Feel the Force Day event.

Guidance 2:

Where a certification is due to the occasional appearance of a character, the character would only be acceptable when their appearance is maintained at a level appropriate to all ages.


Basic Instinct:

This film is certified 18 for its use of strong language, sex and violence. In some scenes the character Catherine Tramell is portrayed in a position of nudity.

When bringing this character to Feel the Force Day events, the character would only be acceptable if they were dressed in a not explicit way; and whilst in character, the costumer conducted themselves in an appropriate manner for those under 18.

Guidance 3:

Where a certification is due to the appearance of characters and the character cannot be portrayed in a way to make them appropriate to people under 18 years old, the character is deemed inappropriate for Feel the Force Day events.



Pornographic films are certified 18 or R18 as a result of nudity, portrayal of sex and in some cases, violence and strong language.

The characters in these films are characters because of the acts they perform, and their appearance whilst clothed is merely anecdotal.

To this end, at Feel the Force Day events, the characters cannot be portrayed in costumes without being inappropriate to people under 18 years old and therefore there is no merit in their attendance out of character and thus these characters are deemed inappropriate in any context.